GO Solar Power!

Student Reporter: Michele Lum, Class of 2015 On March 6th and 7th, a group of seven students and two teacher-chaperones had the opportunity to install solar panels in Redwood Valley. Prior to the installation, students and teachers have attended a two-hour orientation that gave safety tips, the basics […]

Lend Robots a Hand

Student Reporter: Pam Qian, Class of 2016 What is a robot to you? A mechanical human? Is a pencil sharpener, a refrigerator, or an automobile a robot to you? Sponsored by the Mendocino County 4-H, students learn how to build a cool robot through the process of applying […]

PTO Minutes, Jan, 2015

January 21, 2015 Present at the meeting:  Matt Finnegan, Paul Spangenberg, Steve Setera, Troy Bass, Ana Pringles, Eve Rodriguez, Jin Jr Shr, Judy Zhu, Amanda Setera, Michele Lum, Hubert Liu, Jason Ong, Nakula Hertz, Hubert Liu, Wei-Chang Tsai, Ping Huang, Juan Juan Yeap. Call to order 5:08PM by […]

9th Grade English

Students read Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart. Major themes discussed in this unit include the individual versus society; traditions and modernity; as well as gender roles and responsibility. As the culminating assignment, they researched a social issue facing our society and prepared a poster that illustrates major facts and […]

PTO Minutes, Sep, 2014

September 24, 2014 Present at the meeting: Matt Finnegan, Steve Setera, Jin Kai, Heng Yuan, Roger Kelerman, Niki Clarke, Judy Zhu, Michele Lum, Minah Le, Feixia Guam, Eveline Rodriguez, Juan Garcia, Troy Bass, Paul Spangenberg, Jin Jr, Amanda Setera, Nakula Hertz, Nataindra, Lia Patterson, Amanda Setera, Kar??? Chey. […]

PTO Minutes, Aug, 2014

August 27, 2014 Present at the meeting:  Matt Finnegan, Steve Setera, Amanda Setera, Nakula Hertz, Nataindra, Juan Garcia, Jin Jr Shi, Jin Rau, Michele Suo, Ying Tao Zhang, Yu Zeng, Kelly Chan, Rachel Robison, Kasuna Chong, Judy Hemmigan, Debbie Parker, Bo Chian, Athena J., Ping Huang, Glenn Alvarez, […]