Dorm Application

Dorm applicants are considered on a case by case basis. The minimum requirements are:

  • i) Minimum of 12 years old and under 14 years of age.
  • ii) GPA above 3.0
  • iii) ELD Level 2 or higher (for overseas applicants). The ELD level will be tested either if the applicant visits in person or by phone interview.
  • iv) Attendance at a CTTB summer camp. For applicants who pass the ELD test, summer camp is required.

Fulfilling requirements (i)-(iv) DOES NOT GUARANTEE acceptance in the dorm.

What we are looking for in an applicant:

1) A person who is able to follow the dorm rules and schedule (see attached).

2) A person who will study hard and exert himself in service towards the CTTB community.

3) A successful applicant will also participate in extracurricular activities, such as Lion and Dragon Dances, 24 season drumming, basketball, and Chinese orchestra.

4) A person who can practice the Eight Virtues: filial piety, brotherhood, citizenship, trustworthiness, respect, fairness, integrity, and humility. The successful applicant will also be someone who can continually work on his character development.

All applicants go through the same process. If you ask for special treatment or have others try to get special treatment on your behalf, your application will be denied.

Final interview requires the attendance of one parent.

We advise dorm applicants to contact the Boys Dorm as soon as possible.

育良小學、培德中學男 校宿舍申請須知

男校宿舍學生申請的審 核均以個案為主。

甲、 最低標準如下:

  1. 年齡在11歲以上至14歲以下(實歲而非虛 歲,以搬入宿舍之日為準)
  2. 總平均成績要達3.0以上
  3. 美語最低標準為ELD 2。測驗方式如下:

1) 電話測驗

2) 申請者至本校測驗

  1. 申請者必須參加美國萬佛聖城所舉辦的夏令營(英語測驗及合格者請參加)。


乙、 宿舍生應具有的基本條件:

  1. 能夠遵守宿舍規矩
  2. 努力用功讀書,並且自動自發的為萬佛聖城及其社區服務
  3. 踴躍參與各種課外活動,如:舞獅、舞龍、太鼓、籃球、國樂等。
  4. 根據宣公上人之創校理念,實踐八德,不斷地培養自己的人格修養。

反游說條款:每位學生申請時將會得到公平的審核。絕對不接受任何私人關說, 請家長們毋須枉費時間與金錢。如有關說事情發生申請將被直接拒絕。