2021-2022 School Calendar

Fall Semester: August 23, 2021 – January 22, 2022

August 17-19 (Tue-Thur) Teachers Work Days
August 21-22 (Sat-Sun) Dorm Only: Orientation
August 22 (Sun) Registration for New Students (1-3 pm)
August 23 (Mon) Fall Semester begins
September 6 (Mon) Labor Day / No School
September 24 (Fri) Teachers Work Day / Half Day
October 13-15 (Wed-Fri) Midterm Exam
October 23 (Sat) Honoring Elders Day
October 25 (Mon) Teachers Work Day / Half Day / Midterm Grades Due
November 11 (Wed) Veterans Day observed
November 24-26 (Wed-Fri) Thanksgiving Break (No School)
December 3 (Fri) Teachers Work Day / Half Day
December 15 (Wed) Half Day
December 16 – Jan 7 (Fri) Winter Break
January 17 (Mon) Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (No School)
January 21 Last Day of Fall Semester
88 class days, 6 work days

Spring Semester: January 24 – June 3, 2022

January 24 (Mon) Spring Semester begins
February 1 (Tues) In-school Celebration of Chinese New Year (Actual day)
February 18 (Fri) Teachers Work Day / Half Day
February 21 (Mon) Presidents’ Day / No School
March 18 (Fri) Teachers Work Day / Half Day
March 23 – 25 (Wed-Fri) Midterm Exam
March 28 – April 1(Mon-Fri) Spring Break (same as Ukiah Unified School District)
April 8 (Fri) Cherishing Youth Day
April 25 (Mon) Teachers Work Day / Half Da0
May 20 (Fri) Teachers Work Day / Half Day
May 30 (Mon) Memorial Day / No School
June 1 (Wed) Girls Last Day of School /
Girls Teachers Banquet and Award Ceremony
June 2 (Thurs) Girls Graduation Ceremony
June 2 (Thurs) Boys Last Day of School /
Boys Teachers Banquet and Award Ceremony
June 3 (Fri) Boys Graduation Ceremony
88 class days, 4 work days

Total of 176 class days, 10 work days

Note: Parents should make every effort to ensure that students do not miss school. Students who leave early before or return late after spring, winter, or summer breaks will not be excused unless there is a justifiable reason such as: personal illness, quarantine, medical appointments, funeral services, religious reasons, and court appearances. The school must be informed of these reasons in a timely way with an Absence Form or note signed by the parent (or a doctor’s note for medical absences three days or more). High school students are responsible for getting their teachers to sign the Absence Form in order to excuse their absence. Unexcused absences will affect their grades.

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