The Instilling Goodness/ Developing Virtue Schools’ Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) has regular meetings since Fall 2003. Each family can contribute to various school activity funds. The PTO’s objectives, as stated in its constitution, are “to promote the welfare of children in the home, school, and community; to promote a closer relationship between home and school so the parents and teachers may cooperate meaningfully and intelligently for the welfare of the children; and to promote united efforts between education and the general public that obtains for every child the highest advantages in physical, mental, moral, and social education.

The PTO has generated significant support for the school in terms of volunteer hours, donations, and the sponsoring of gatherings and field trips to promote closer relationships between families, students, and school staff. Students may request fund from PTO for school activities/projects and senior class field trips.

Parents attend PTO meetings; drive students to athletic games and on field trips; help with school facility maintenance, cleaning, and renovation on monthly work days; organize teacher appreciation activities and fundraisers; and in general, support the school in all activities.