Fall 2018 semester begins on August 27, 2018. Tuition and Fees are due by August 26, 2018. If your child’s health information or emergency contact information has changed, please provide us with the updated information. Please e-mail to igdvsfee@drba.org or call (707) 468-5149 if you have any further question about school fees.

A. Tuition and Fees (for one semester)

Registration Fee*
Deposit *
Tuition Room & Board Dorm Activities & Supervision Fee
Day Student $65 $300 $1,935 N/A N/A
Boarding Student $65 $1000 $1,935 $2,760 $1,500.00
++Students who are not proficient in English will be charged additional tuition for English Language Development (ELD) classes, based on their English placement results. Additional tuition is as follows (per Semester): ELD2 $1,935 or ELD3 $1,410

* Applicable to new students only. Deposit is refundable, upon request, when student leaves school if all books have been returned, tuition paid, and the student has not damaged any school property. Refund requests must be made within one year of student’s withdrawal from the school.

Additional Fees: One-year premium of medical insurance for international students is $7XX (this cost is subject to change without notice as the insurance underwriters set this).

The annual family membership in the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is $35, to be paid together with tuition once a year. Parents who prefer to pay $12/hour in lieu of volunteering the required 25 hours per year per family should include $300 along with their fees. New students should expect to spend about $200 for the initial set of school uniforms. Extra fees may be required during the school year for uniform, field trips, art supplies, supplementary materials, and special activities. New international students for whom a student visa is issued must pay a one-time $300 visa-processing fee to IGDVS.

B. Accounts Due and Payable

Payment must be received prior to student enrolling classes. Students must clear their balance from previous semesters by June 4, 2018 in order to reserve a space for the following semester.
For late enrollment, school fees will be collected monthly only; any partial month will count as a full month.
If tuition cannot be paid in full, a monthly installment plan is available. Each payment must be paid by the 1st of each month; a $10 processing fee will be charged monthly. No late payment is allowed. Failure to promptly pay each month could result in enrollment cancellation.

C. Tuition and Dormitory Fees Refund Policy

All refund requests must be made in writing. A refund will be given only if a written request to cancel enrollment is received and approved by the school’s principal. Refunds will be prorated accordingly. A refund check (only for US banks) will be mailed within four weeks of receiving the cancellation request.