Students participate in a variety of extracurricular enrichment programs which have included Chinese Orchestra, Lion Dance, Dragon Dance, Drumming, Chinese Dance, Yearbook, Associated Student Council, Model United Nations, Community Service Club, Basketball, Soccer, Yoga. Most students participate in several extracurricular activities.

All students serve, perform, and help to organize the annual celebrations of Honoring Elders Day (autumn) and Cherishing Youth Day (spring), which are attended by 500 to 1000 people from the surrounding Mendocino County community.

Associated Student Council (ASC), also known as Association of Student Body (ASB)

Mission Statement: To represent the students, act as a bridge for teachers and students, and understand the needs of the students, and act upon them.

The club consists of the class representatives of each class (7th to 11th), the entire senior class, a secretary, and a treasurer. Students meet once a week and discuss all student concerns and school events. Students discuss about issues, brainstorm, and find best solutions based on consensus. Club members hope to set good examples for others to follow by being public-minded—serving the school and the students.

Girls Division

President: Jocelyn He

Vice President: Sophia Liu

Secretary: TBA 

Treasurer: Raven Li

Advisor: Jin Jr Shi


The DVS Dragons is a very unique team. We have two to four teams every year; High school and Junior High. They participate in the Ukiah City league, ANCCS tournament, and other tournaments as well.

Members of all ages and skill levels unite on a court to train and play the game. They meet to practice fundamental skills such as passing, shooting, and dribbling while learning about court procedures and teamwork.

Captain: Tammy Long

Co-Captain: Kristina Ortega

Advisor: Janey Morris and Liam Kidd

Children of the World

The club is most aptly named. It is geared toward fundraising for girls’ education in Uganda. However, the club also deals with current issues and fundraising for children in need.

President: Sophie Xue

Vice President: Vanessa Chien

Advisor: Jin Jr Shr

Chinese Dance

A club dedicated to embracing cultural heritage and diversity through dance and movement. Students also get to practice teamwork, mindfulness, and concentration, since a well-rehearsed performance is a reflection of all members’ effort. Every week, members gather to practice in order to prepare for their annual performances at Honoring Elders Day and Cherishing Youth Day. In 2018, the students performed at the San Francisco Public Library in conjunction with the 100th Anniversary event of the school’s founder.

President: Jocelyn He

Vice President: Celine Huang

Advisor: Heng Fu Shr

Chinese Orchestra

Members gather weekly to learn about Chinese instruments and the fundamentals of music. With a variety of more than ten different instruments, students will be exposed to the delicacy and vibrancy of traditional Chinese music. At the same time, music soothes and recuperates the mind.

President: Tammy Long; Vice-President: Iris Ng (Girls Division)

Advisor: Ms. Zhang, professional Erhu player and a former member of the National Chinese Orchestra, Beijing

Community Service Club (CSC)

Mission Statement: We volunteer with our hearts and serve with our love.

This is the club for practicing generosity and citizenship. Geared toward benefiting the community, members meet weekly to aid those in the CTTB community as well as the local Ukiah community. They conduct fundraisers, outings to senior centers, and donate food to the homeless as part of the club’s mission.

President: Thanh Tieu

Vice President: Jocelyn He

Advisor: Tien Pham

Dragon Dance

Dragon Dance is easy to learn, but hard to master. It emphasizes the cooperation of hands and minds. It is a challenge to athletes, especially relying on the movements of the body that incorporates artistic style and Chinese traditional drama.




Lion Dance

The art of the lion dance is formed by combined arts, history, and gongfu moves. The performers have to practice flexibility, fitness, strength, good balance, and stamina. The performers also have to listen and move together with the music.

Mock Trial

An after-school event where students come together to learn about the legal system and participate in simulated trials. Every year, the club receives a casebook and students can choose to be attorneys, witnesses, or trained experts. In January, students from Ukiah schools partake in a district-wide tournament to vie for a spot at the State-level competition.

President: Sophia Liu
Vice President: Sophie Xue
Advisors: Mr. Finnegan and Ms. Jane Applebee

Berkeley Model United Nations Club (BMUN Club)

Model United Nations is an educational opportunity for students to learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations; in addition, they expand their global awareness while honing their skills in communication and critical thinking. Every week, students gather to discuss current events, practice public speaking, and the UN procedures. The main objective of the club is to participate in the Berkeley MUN and apply student’s newly found skills.

President: Celine Huang

Vice President: Raven Li

Advisors: Ms. Jane Applebee

Open Art Studio

New this school year (2018-2019). Students join this session to draw, paint, and create art, under the guidance of Ms. Linda Tucker. It is an opportunity to learn art techniques, to develop creativity, and to have fun creating art as a group.

Student Coordinator: Raven Li

Photography and Video Club

Mission Statement: Learn to appreciate and become aware of nature, the community, the world around us, and life through the presentation of photographs and videos. Also seeks to capture events words may not be able to express.

Science & Tech Exploration

This is a partnership with 4H-STEM program in Ukiah. It is an opportunity to engage in hands-on science project such as kinetics energy (building roller coasters, kinex cars, spool cars), junk drawer robotics (engineering and robotics; making a robot that draws), computer science/coding 101, and build your own sports wearable (like a fitbit).

Student Coordinators: Cindy Han and Alice Aw

Advisor: Ms. Wang


Track and Field

This club is intended for everybody, even those who do not enjoy running. Members are able to choose between sprinting, long distance, shot put, discus, hurdles, and long jump. After months of hard work and sweat, the team will go and compete with other schools in the Ukiah district.

President: TBA

Advisor: Mrs. Furlong

Western String Ensemble

New this school year. This is in collaboration with Ukiah Junior Academy. Students can join the ensemble as beginners or advanced players.

Student Coordinator: Sola Long

Teacher: Ms. Margie Rice



Mission Statement: To fuse creativity into the pages we create. To master the art of digital art, formatting and photography. To meet our deadlines. To make a yearbook that all can enjoy and treasure. Exclusive satisfaction.

The club with the most important job: documenting the memories of the student body throughout the year and compressing into one hundred pages. From photography to writing, to navigating the world of Photoshop, members unite together to create something by which to remember.

President: Thanh Tieu

Vice President: Sophia Liu

Advisor: Jin Xiang Shr