About us

Mission Statement

Our Buddhist school, in partnership with parents, works to instill and develop in our students the core virtues of kindness, filial piety, respect, trustworthiness, fairness, citizenship, integrity and humility. we provide an environment for our students to achieve their full academic potential and become outstanding citizens who will contribute to making their community and the world a better place.



Instilling Goodness/Developing Virtue Schools are founded on the ideals set forth in the teachings of the Buddha. Accordingly, courses in Buddhist Studies are requisite for all students. Students of all faiths, however, are welcome.

Students benefit from a blend of Eastern and Western values and practices that encourages:

  • Good personal character (developing the core virtues noted below)
  • Nurturing one’s spiritual growth
  • Academic excellence
  • A broad, multicultural/international perspective

Please refer to “Student Outcomes” for more details.

Students cultivate specific skills for ethical leadership and service to humanity, with an emphasis on the eight core virtues of:

  • Filial piety for parents, teachers, and elders 孝
  • Kindness 慈 or 仁
  • Good Citizenship or Civic Virtue 忠
  • Trustworthiness 信
  • Respect 禮
  • Fairness 義
  • Humility 恥
  • Integrity 廉


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