Global Awareness

Just Dew It

As the dry summer months are beginning in California, the month of May is an important time to show our appreciation and begin to get in the habit of water conservation. The Water Team, including Tessa, Katie, Katherine, and Rachel, teamed up to take this opportunity to raise awareness about water conservation, because water is what supports our ecosystems. We will be releasing bi-weekly newsletters to show how we can do better at reducing water waste. Please look forward to them!

Water isn’t something we should take for granted – it is our everything.

Welcome to Our First Edition of the Water Awareness Project!

From Taiwan to the U.S., many countries are experiencing drought. Almost half of the United States is currently experiencing some level of drought, and it is expected to worsen as time goes on.

About 77% of California is experiencing severe drought in 2021, with northern California hit much harder than southern California.

These severe droughts can rapidly shrink both water and food supply, as wells dry up and crops are put at risk and extend the fire season in California.

So, since there is a great risk of the water supply being depleted and unable to supply the high rate of water consumption in California, it is important that you reach out to those around you, either your family or friends and inform them about ways to use water efficiently rather than wasting a lot of it.

Our actions can help to counteract the drought and the more people that are aware of it, the more we can do. Therefore, do everything you can to spread awareness, whether it’s writing articles, posting on social media, or just simply telling others. Together, we can make a difference.

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