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2021 IGDVGS Commencement Ceremony

On June 4, 2021, Instilling Goodness Developing Virtue Girl School hosted their annual graduation ceremony in a hybrid fashion to accommodate the COVID-19 health requirements. Vaccinated and local guests gathered in Wonderful Words hall with international guests zooming in and projected on a backdrop. The graduating senior class of 2021 consisted of eight girls, Annabelle Shen, Audrey Chan, Megan Truong, Iris Ng, Moniques Nyguyen, Sola Long, Tammy Long and Vy Nguyen. After receiving the principal’s speech from Jin Jr Shr,  the teacher’s speech from Dr. Patterson, the parent speech from Fion Seng and the alumni speech from Karmen Yap (Class of 2017), the graduating class also gave their speeches. 

Audrey Chan, who will be heading off to Cal State LA, started off by saying: “Today, we are gathered here for one last time, turning this page of high school into a new chapter. Four years of hard work in high school is unforgettable, I could still see our figures sitting in 208 after school working on that math equation on the white board. Four years of high school life has left giggles and laughter in the hallway, I could almost still hear it.” 

Following, Annabelle Shen, who is going to UCLA, mentioned in her speech: “Ms. Wang, you are the kindest teacher and person I have ever met. Even though I only had your class for one year in junior high, I always know that you are the best teacher. Dear Dr. Zhang, thank you for being the best physics teacher. I once had a very mean physics teacher in China that made me have a bad impression on physics at first. Physics is definitely not an easy subject to study and I used to be more resistant to learn it. But with your help, it is more friendly than I imagined.” 

Next, Iris, who is off to Xiamen University Malaysia, brought up her love for history by saying: “Dear Dr. Patterson, Although we never were able to visit your house by the ocean, I am super grateful for learning about World and U.S. History and English with you. Because of you, I know the exact date when Columbus sailed the ocean blue (It’s 1492) and remember distinctly what was traded in the triangular passage. But nothing can ever beat the feeling of elation when I get an A on your writing assignments. Thank you, Dr. Patterson, for letting me fall in love with history.” 

Following, Megan, who is going to attend UC Irvine, recognizes her growth at CTTB by saying: “Even before I came to CTTB, I was a shy little kid who hid behind her father, face in his behind so as to avoid conversation with anyone and everyone I did not know. Clearly, I’ve grown in mentality..(and also in height!!) to not do that anymore, and it has enabled me to develop relationships with many people that I’ll always cherish.”

Next, Moniques, who is going to Sacramento State University, thanked her friends by saying: “I have so many people to thank, Vy and Yeekit. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, without you guys I would not be standing here today, I’ve relied on you guys so many times and I cannot thank you guys enough. And to my classmates of course. To my friends in other countries and even just a couple hours away from me, you guys know who you are. We’ll see each other one day! And I’ll get to thank you guys in person.” 

Afterwards, Sola, who is heading to University of Toronto, addresses the younger classmen by saying: “To my younger classmen, DVGS doesn’t only stand for Developing Virtue Girls School aka. that-weird-buddhist-school-that-makes-kids-wash-dishes-and-take-away-their-phones, through my four years, I have found that it also means Determination, Vibrance, Girl-power and Selflessness.” 

Next, Tammy, who is off to NYU, shares the saying: “education is a progressive discovery of your own ignorance.” and says: “ I remember we had a guest speaker once in the wonderful words hall telling us that graduation is not an end, it is a new beginning. Let us commemorate our time in high school and look forward to the future.” 

And last but not least, Vy, who is heading to UC Davis, concluded her speech with: “For the underclassmen, you’ll be here sooner than you know it! Just remember to turn in your assignments no matter how late they are and take up any opportunity to take care of yourself, whether it be through breaks or eating something yummy. In memory of this crazy year and the class of 2021, peace out y’all.”

Lastly, congratulations to all the 6th grade and 8th grade graduates and thank you to all the teachers and kitchen staff for a wonderful year despite being amidst a pandemic.

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