Ukiah Youth Action Party

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Article by: Myren (11)

Compilation: Marvin 🙂

Media: Alan Seng (10), Alston (10), Richard (11), Xin Hung (11)

Video: Nuoyan (11)

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On Saturday, September 21st, the Developing Virtue Boys School performed at the 9th Annual Youth Action Party at Alex Thomas Plaza. The event consisted of booths that offered free pizza, haircuts, and prizes such as water bottles. The Boys School gave three performances: 24 Seasons Drumming, Chinese Orchestra, and Dragon Dance. All the performances were received by the audience with applause and amazement, and highlighted the 5 hour event. Overall, a very tiring but fulfilling experience at the event for everyone.

24-Seasons Drumming:

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Chinese Orchestra:

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Dragon Dance and Musicians:

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Video Recap:

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October 1, 2019