Global Awareness

Annual River Cleanup at Mill Creek

By Siyan Chan (Class of 2021)
Photographs by Thuy Nguyen (Class of 2022)

On September 21, 2019, the students of Developing Virtue Girls School (DVGS) participated in the annual Russian River Cleanup event. Waking up early on a Sunday morning, many of us looked forward to the day ahead. Everyone was in high spirits as we set out, chatting in the van excitedly, all of us eager to play a part in helping our environment. Soon, we reached our destination: Low Gap Park. As we stepped out, we were greeted by the warm morning sun, signifying a start to a beautiful day. When we arrived, many people were already gathered around at the meeting point, so we hurried over to join the group. After a short briefing by the person-in-charge, we picked up our tools and trash bags, prepared to begin work.

The huge group was then separated into smaller groups, with our students following our leaders to Mill Creek, where we would begin our trash-picking.

As the sun relentlessly scorched on from above, the students were not deterred but continued to hike up the trails, picking up trash along the way.

Working as a team, they helped one another prod through thorny bushes to retrieve plastic bottles and other trash.

Birds chirped in the trees, and the rushes of water from the creek sparkled in the noon sun.

The lush greenery that surrounded them shielded them from the harsh sun as they pushed on, determined to play a part in keeping our environment clean.

Soon, it was time for the event to come to an end. We hiked down and gathered back at Low Gap Park for some drinks and snacks. Although it was tiring, it was definitely a worthwhile experience, as all of us felt the joy of giving back to our environment.