CTTB Honoring Elders Day

by : Nuoyan Wang (Class of 2021)

Photos by: Nuoyan Wang (9), Gwynn Lim (11), Jacky Zheng (11)

                    Eric Seow (12), Austin Quach (12), Marvin Wang (10)

Video by: Bangyang Qiu (11) + Chee Hee Seng (11)


The City of 10,000 Buddhas (CTTB) Honoring Elders Day (HED) occurred on Saturday, October 28 and included performances from both the IGDVGS and IGDVBS. Requiring difficult coordination as well as hours of practice, the 2017 Annual Honoring Elders Day performances were a success.

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This year, the theme of Honoring Elders was “honoring your parents and elders”. The program of the event was based on a play, in which the protagonist Kimball, misses his deceased mother and wishes to honor her in some way. With advice from his friends, Joshua and Baba G, Kimball sets out to find Yogi-Croissant, a wise sage who can answer his doubts. Obeying the yogi’s advice, Kimball honors his deceased mother by making an offering to the monastic Sangha. His act of kindness moves the beings from the heavens, resulting in angels, lions, and dragons, to descend to earth for a celebration.


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On Wednesday, October 25, the preparation for the performances commenced. The dining hall was rearranged to resemble a stage with a U-shaped audience. Once the performance hall was set up, rehearsal occurred every night. On Friday, the Girls School decorated the performance hall and then rehearsed throughout the day. After school, the Boys School rehearsed all the performances, practicing up till midnight.

On Saturday, October 28, hundreds of elders and parents from the surrounding Mendocino County community attended the event. The performances included the melodious traditional music, the  elegant Chinese fan dance, the thunderous 24 seasons drumming, and the suspenseful traditional Chinese lion & dragon dance. With intriguing performances and delicious vegetarian food served by the Girls School, the elders all left with smiles on their faces. It was indeed a very successful event.

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Eric Chuah (12) practices before rehearsal



Marco He (10) plays music for the lion dance during rehearsal



San Hong Lew (11) welcomes elders at hall entrance



K-2 enjoy performance after welcoming elders at front entrance


Dr Patterson gives the commencement speech



Play Members



Yogi-Ninja Kung Fu



Elementary Girls Dance



Girls 2-6 Singing



Boys Elementary Dragon Dance



Junior High Dragon Dance



Joshua Batres (12) Pipa Solo



Girls Chinese OrchestraIMG_9834



Boys Chinese Orchestra



Boys 5-6 Sing



Fan Dance





Lion Dance





Dragon Dance










Musicians for Dragon and Lion



Sound System: Eric Chuah (12) + Mr Phil Hirsch



Video Recap:




Thank you to IGDVGS for their service and performances. We apologize for the inability to give credit to their performers.

Boy School:


  • Miguel Gracia (12) as Kimball
  • Olivier Truong (9) as Yogi-Croissant
  • Joshua Batres (12) as himself
  • Bohan Zhu (10) as Baba G

Sound System: Eric Chuah (12), Zhidao Leeroybruce (10)

(Special thanks to Mr Phil Hirsch for sound system)

Lion (Gold) : Tony Yap (12), Gino Ackley (10)

Lion (Red) : Ryan Liang (10), Davy Sun (10)


  • P-Giridhari Das (10)
  • H-William Seng (12) + Eric Seow (12)
  • 2-Jacky Zheng (11)
  • 3-San Hong Lew (11)
  • 4-Marco He (10) + Ricques Nguyen (12)
  • 5-Michael Zhao (12) + Austin Quach (12)
  • 6-Chee Hee Seng (11)
  • 7-Abraham Batres (10)
  • 8-Kevin Vo (12) + Gwynn Lim (11)
  • T-Nuoyan Wang (9)


  • Drum – Rahula Tan (8)
  • Cymbals – Zhidao Leeroybruce (10)
  • Cymbals – Owen Ooh (9)
  • Gong – Kyle Doan (10)
  • Flute – Marco He (10)


  • Kevin Vo (12)

November 9, 2017