Core Virtues

Gold Mountain Monastery Honoring Elders Day

by: Nuoyan Wang (Class of 2021)

+ Gino Ackley (Class of 2020)

Photos by: Ryan Liang (10)

Video by: Chee Hee Seng (11)


An Honoring Elders event occurred on October 22, at the Gold Mountain Monastery in Chinatown San Francisco. With a large crowd of elders attending from the communities nearby, the boys school performed an indoor lion dance and drumming routine.

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There was only two weeks to practice after Honoring Elders Day at The City of Dharma Realm,  and one more until Honoring Elders Day in CTTB, the DVBS clubs had little time to practice. Led by Tony Yap (12) and Eric Seow (12), the group of 7 club members quickly designed new routines. On October 21, the group drove down to SF and went to Washington State Park to have lunch. After lunch, they toured Chinatown before returning to the monastery for rehearsals.

On the day of the event, the students had breakfast after getting dressed in performance clothes. Tony Yap (12) and Gino Ackley (10) first performed lion dance. Other performances such as Tai Chi dancing, bowl balancing, and singing occurred before the second lion dance featuring Ryan Liang (10) and Gino Ackley (10). Soon after, the students performed 24 seasons drumming downstairs, immediately followed by another drumming performance upstairs. Once the performances finished and they ended class, the students loaded up the equipment, then toured and shopped in SF before returning to CTTB.


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Elders watch the Honoring Elders Day performances



MC gives a speech to the audience



Elders enjoy the delicious vegetarian cuisine



DVBS Performers



Video Recap:


November 3, 2017