IGDVGS Halloween Celebration

by Sophy Chin Raman (Class of 2018) + Mindy Tieu (Class of 2020)

Paper Pumpkin with Elders

Tuesday October 24, 2017

The jolly footsteps of kindergartners could be heard throughout the hallway of the elementary school as they prepare to visit the elderly nuns in the Tower of Blessings. Strips of orange-colored construction papers were passed out, and soon everyone began to shape their pumpkins. When everyone was done, the elderly nuns passed their artworks to some of the kindergartners. Walking back to the school was filled with hops and the swing of the newly-made paper pumpkins.



Treat or . . . Treat!

Tuesday October 31, 2017

As Halloween rolled into town once again this year, the elementary schoolers were excited to start the expedition of ‘trick or treating’ at the Tower of Blessings. They recited Guan Yin Bodhisattva’s name and circumambulated along the Tower of Blessings. After paying respects to the elderly nuns, each of the students were able to reach out and grab some treats, and soon they headed to lunch, where many of the students shared their treats with some of the teachers there.


Pumpkins filled with Gratitude

As a way to celebrate the arrival of the fall season, the Junior High and Freshmen classes from the Girl’s Division got the chance to visit the farm in the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas. The girls went pumpkin picking to give the school a little decoration for the upcoming holidays. Decorating the pumpkins with the mindset of appreciation for classmates and teachers, who helped others with the generosity and kindness from their hearts.

Audrey Chan, a Freshmen, noted, “Picking and decoration pumpkins for another person was a really nice thing to do.”

From the little actions like, listening in class or helping a friend pick up a pencil, we wish to put these words of gratitude in the pumpkin that scatter throughout the school. These reminders of kindness will spread to bring happiness and harmony within the student body and staff.


Photos by Sophy Chin Raman and QQ Hu

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