Happy Mother’s Day!

Written by: Lucas Wu (Class of 2025)

Translated by: Wong Soong Way (Class of 2023)

Media by: Mrs.Lau, Jason Chiem (Class of 2025), and Luca Wang (Class of 2027)

Photos arranged by: Luca Wang (Class of 2027)




















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While time is still young, Everything will be just fine

As time passed, I can’t remember how many years it had been since I left you. During these years, I have experienced the complexities of the world you have always been trying to warn and tell me about. The careful handling of social relations filled with pricks and thorns, the calculating and recalculating of expenses, the worrying about the almost overdue check, and the many dreary nights spent in the still brightly lit study even though it’s way past bedtime-all these affairs, repeated day after day, it seems that the youth many years past has grown strong and resilient.

But whenever I walk by the roadside and see a child’s mother habitually holding the boy’s hand while crossing the crosswalk, whenever I lean down to pick up the family portrait that had inadvertently slipped to the ground, tears welling in my eyes start to fall. Old memories of the past always seem to find themselves in the most ordinary places. It is as if time had somehow reverted to that night when Mother, you had tiredly told me bedtime stories that gradually and gently coaxed me into slumberland. It is as if time had somehow reverted to the day you reminded me about almost being late for school and the wanting-to-cry-yet-also-wanting-to-laugh expression you wore on your face. It is as if time had somehow reverted to the day we bid farewell: the firm and resolved waving of your hands to the instant turning of your back to a squatting position as tears flowed uncontrollably. All these instances, hard to put into words, are etched in my mind, clear and vivid as if just happened.

I know that time is really cruel, not only has it left traces of age on your face, the children you have worked so hard to bring up have also grown up and left you in a hurry. But I firmly believe that the young man who left with determination will definitely succeed and be able to live up to his expectations. So may time never grow old and everything be just right when I return.

Happy Mother’s Day, I love you.

~Your son and boy always


Thank you to Mrs. Lau for the food!

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