Pastel Plaza: A Community Artists’ Exhibit

Written by Jason Chiem (Class of 2025)
Photos by Jason Chiem (Class of 2025)

On May 6th, IGDVBS played a friendly basketball scrimmage against a former student’s team (Pictures At End). After this competitive reunion, the boys went to Alex Thomas Plaza where they were rewarded with pizza and performed Chinese Orchestra. Upon arriving, they were surprised and confused at all the artwork on the floor. Meeting up with Mr. Gan, the Chinese Orchestra teacher, they learned that the event was a fundraiser by River Oak Charter School. The goal of River Oak was to inspire and bring the community of Ukiah together while raising money for public schools. When the group before them, the Rising Signs, finished, they went up to perform for the people of Ukiah and represent the boys school.

After the exciting performance by the orchestra, the students went around to explore the plaza. When they saw how detailed and aesthetic the drawings had been, the students questioned how long these artists had worked. Most of the artists that were asked replied that they had been working since nine in the morning with little breaks. Hearing the dedication that had gone into these drawings, they felt even more appreciation for the artists. The students thought, who would spend so much work on a piece of art that would disappear by the end of the day? That’s when they noticed that some artists were painting across their pastel art with water. The reason was simple, it was the key to what made their art last just a bit longer.

“When you paint over the pastel chalk with water, it stays for just a bit longer. It adheres to the concrete and stops it from being washed away.”

– RE/MAX Artists

When the boys realized that they weren’t being fully represented at the event, they took matters into their own hands. Together, in front of the IGDVS booth, they wrote a message into(onto) the sideway. They also manned the booth so that people could see what the school was like.

Basketball Pictures