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The Breeze of Fall

Article by: Edison Kravitz, 2nd grader

Our teacher taught us about the five senses because they add a lot of details to our writing and we can use them to write Fall poems. The 2nd and 3rd graders did great! The poems were so beautiful and creative. We wanted to share our writing.

Fall Poems Using Our Five Senses by 2nd & 3rd Graders

◦ Fall by Linda
Fall is here
I see red and orange leaves
I smell bumpy fresh white pumpkins
I hear whispering deer
I taste tasty pumpkin pie
I feel really really warm
Fall is the best

◦ Fall by Bella
Fall is here
I see golden leaves
I smell bumpy round pumpkins
I hear squirrels opening nuts
I taste smooth pumpkin pie
I feel pumpkins
Fall is here

◦ Fall is Growing by Olivia
Fall is growing and moving
Fall is finding its way
I see the spices in the air and leaves as well
I hear the birds chirping in the tree
I taste the cream in the cocoa
I feel the orange pumpkins in the patch
Fall is finding its way

◦ By Edison
Fall is being yourself
Fall is loving
I see huge pumpkins
I smell moist air
I hear the whimpering of the wind
I taste the sweet air
I feel the cold winds
I think the world is fall
Fall is you
I see the future of your life and
I see it is very sweet
I smell the pumpkin that leaves me turning
I hear the cries of the spirits
I taste the love of the apple pie
I feel the cold and tender squash
Fall is you

◦ Fall is Beautiful by Day
Fall is fun to me
I see foxes and squirrels and bears
I smell flowers and sweet grass
I hear birds chirping
I taste sweet chocolate and pumpkin pie
I feel soft grass and fuzzy fruit
Fall is fun

◦ The Leaf Dragon by Raiza
Fall is for all
I see a fuzzy elegant leaf dragon
I hear soft growling
I smell dragon’s breath
I taste the dragonfruit I brought
I feel so free
I love the fall
Fall is the best

◦ Lovely Knowing by Alexander
Fall is lovely known with tear
What I see is all the deer
What I smell is the fresh of trees
What I hear is the wind, the breeze
What I taste is the pumpkin wheat
What I feel is the squirrels that are so sweet
I love Fall

Fall is lovely known with tear
Well, I like this well,
Fall is near!
Over the mountains of diamonds for goodness sake
Return to the spirits of summer lake
You can be brave and fight, or step in the light and shine bright
What’s your dream to destiny?
What would it be?
Shine or hide?
Peace or war?

◦ Fall by Leon
I see orange pumpkins
I smell fragrant black hair
I hear music in the classroom
I taste crunchy cereal
I feel sticky slime
I love jumping during Fall time

◦ Fall is Nice by Ishani
Fall is nice
I see leaves
I smell pumpkin pie
I hear birds sing
I taste pumpkin pie
I feel leaves
I like fall
Fall is nice

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