Core Virtues

Pieces of Peace

Written by Emily Tan (Class of 2026) and the DVGS Editorial Team
Photos and Film by Emily Tan, Erica Lai (Class of 2024) and Amy Liu (Class of 2023)
Video by Hillary Tran (Class of 2023)

On September 21, 2022, IGDVS came together to celebrate the 41st annual International Peace Day. The day dawned bright and clear, as the teachers, parents, and students gathered to enjoy engaging performances, a tranquil peace walk, and a delicious potluck.

With a welcome from the emcees Xinwen Zhang and Cecilia Akin-Paz (Class of 2029), everyone settled down into their seats and watched as the K-1 class sang an adorable peace song, beginning the celebration with a joyous cheer of “Happy Peace Day!”

Next, the 4-6th graders performed a wonderful play, “The Three Questions” by Leo Tolstoy, which depicted a king searching for answers to the questions “What is the most important time? Who are the most important people? What is the most important thing to do?” At the end of the play, these questions were answered: the most important time is now, the most important people are those you are with, and the most important thing to do is to do good to those people.

After this inspirational reflection, everyone set out on the peace walk. The air was filled with the soothing chanting of “Om Mani Padme Hum” and tranquil footsteps as the diverse train of IGDVS teachers, parents, and students walked towards the CTTB mountain gate. As they looped around the gate and headed back towards the school, the sun illuminated their surroundings in a warm glow.

Back at the school, the freshmen and sophomore English class presented posters emphasizing the importance of peace in global issues and connecting it with our daily lives. Then, the high school band performed a serene rendition of the Up theme song, which created a peaceful ambience.

In lieu of Hispanic Heritage Month, the juniors and seniors sang a Spanish folk song about friendship and peace, Barquito de Papel, “Little Paper Boat.” They taught the audience to fold paper boats and sailed them in a mini pool to symbolize the coming together of diverse backgrounds.

Finally, the 2-3rd graders concluded the performances with colorful signs and a lively cheer, wishing everyone a happy peace day!

It was time for the scrumptious potluck, consisting of a variety of homemade dishes and food prepared by parents, teachers, and the IGDVS dining services The tables were covered with pasta salads, Vietnamese starch wraps, tortilla wraps, hummus, guacamole and salsa, veggies, fruits, and drinks.

Special thanks to Jin Jr Shr, Ms. Mark, and all those who had a hand in putting together this amazing event!