Mid-Autumn Festival 2022

-DVBS Archive Team-

Photos by: Jason Chiem (10) and Soong Way Wong (12)

Video by: Jason Chiem (10)

Written by: Soong Way Wong (12)

Since COVID-19 hit us, it has already been 3 years before we held an in-person Mid-Autumn Festival on the Boys School grounds. With the help and collaboration of the teachers and parents, the Boys School successively organized the Mid-Autumn Festival. For simplicity’s sake and because of COVID restrictions, the Boys School had decided to hold the festival in school on 9/9, a Friday.

Under the guidance of parents who kindly volunteered to help, the 3-6 grade kids spent the entire morning preparing mooncakes. During Lunch, we enjoyed mooncakes and milk tea specially made for us by the parents.

At precisely 11:40 pm, after a scrumptious lunch, the Lunar Festival performances kicked off with a presentation about the origin of the Lunar Festival by the 9th graders. Performances such as singing and reciting poems followed the informative explanation of the Moon Festival. Our in-school Lunar Festival came to an end at 12:30 pm and everyone helped clean up. All in all, it was a pleasant and successful event.

Special thanks to the teachers and especially the students for making this possible!

DVBS Archive Team

October 10, 2022