Academic Excellence

Sleep Survey Project

By Hannah Cheng & Selene Luong

In this survey for our Pre-algebra class, we randomly selected 20 students from IGDVS middle and high school to ask them how many hours of sleep they usually get. We wrote every student’s name on a piece of paper and randomly picked 20 pieces. We surveyed all the 20 students throughout the week to find out how many hours of sleep they usually get. Do the students get enough sleep?

  • Population: middle and high school students
  • Sample: 20 students
  • Range: 5 – 12 hours
  • Mean: 7.15 hours
  • Median: 8.5 hours
  • Mode: 6 hours
  • Min: 5 hours
  • MAD (mean absolute deviation): 1.185
  • Inference: middle and high schoolers don’t get enough sleep
  • Valid Inference: most students sleep 6 to 8 hours per night

As you can see, in the dot plot above, most high school students don’t get enough sleep. Most of the students sleep for about 6 to 8 hours per night on average, which is 1+ hour less than the 9-hour-sleeping time they should get. 

We believe that this case in DVGS isn’t the only one, students all around the world nowadays probably aren’t getting enough sleep either. As a suggestion, if your school starts at 8 AM, you can probably go to bed around 10 PM and get up around 7 AM, then you will have a perfect sleeping time! Hope everyone will be able to get enough sleep!