Academic Excellence

The World of Twigs

By: Yasoda (4th grader) and Luminata (3rd grader)

The 2nd-4th graders completed a STEM challenge with Mrs. Ashley to design and build a nest that can be placed in a tree or shrub holding 3 egg sized objects and a toy bird without the nest falling apart or falling down. 

Luminata built her nest by tying a stick with dry grass to get the shape of a circle. Then she filled it in with layers of grass. Sydney, Lucy, and Iris built a nest by putting a long stick on the bottom and a lot of grass on top. Yasoda reflected on her original design and learned that she would need to add more sticks next time to make it more durable. 

Overall, not all the nests passed the challenge but we learned that birds have to work really hard to build their nests. It was a fun challenge and all the nests came out so different!