Student Work

The Tempest

By Mrs. Mark and 5th/6th Graders

“The Tempest” is William Shakespeare’s last play. It is a story full of adventure, family, magic, and karma. It takes place on an island, with Prospero, and his helping spirit, Ariel, orchestrating reunions after the storm (tempest). The 5th/6th graders enjoyed performing the play for the elementary school students, high school students, parents, and teachers during the Spring of 2022.

Cast of Characters:

  • Miranda: Utpala
  • Prospero: Claire
  • Ferdinand: Xinwen
  • Alonso: Ruhi
  • Gonzalo: Shriya
  • Sebastian: Victorine
  • Antonio: Aarya
  • Trinculo: Victoria
  • Stephano: Sophia
  • Caliban: Wren
  • Ceres: Alysha
  • Ariel: Anna

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