Smiles on a Starry Night: ASB Welcome Back Party

Written by Karen Liang (Class of 2022)

Video by Rachel Blythe (Class of 2022)

Two weeks after the school’s first reunion, the students of DVGS reignited feelings of fun at our annual ASB Welcome Back Party. Although we did not have our traditional school sleepover, students were able to joyfully participate in activities on the high school lawn.

Time was limited— a mere two and a half hours— yet every minute was well spent. At 7:30 PM, the girls began their feast accompanied by the jingle of music in the air. Lining up by grade, the students piled pizza, hummus and cream cheese sandwiches, cheesecake, and cupcakes on their plates. It didn’t stop there; they returned for chips, baby carrots and cucumbers dipped in hummus, and refreshing cups of “mocktail,” a drink made from fruits and Sprite.

With masks on, chatter filled the air.

Before the sky turned dark, the seniors gathered everyone to announce a special event: the Scavenger Hunt. In five groups of eight, students were tasked to find colored clues that revealed images of two secret spies sabotaging their groups. The girls stormed through every corner of the building, and playful hollers echoed throughout the hallway. As the spies were slowly discovered, looks of betrayal and shouts of “It was you!” were directed at the tricksters.

Then, it was time for the long awaited night walk. With flashlights in hand, the students strolled in the direction of the peaceful back mountain. Heads tilted up towards the night sky filled with glittering stars and watched the distant twinkling lights. Smiles of awe and bliss, simple conversations, and the occasional stop for pictures lightened the mood even further.

Returning to the high school building, students sat on the benches and continued to gaze at the magnificent starry sky. Soon after, senior Yoyo Ji strummed her acoustic guitar for an improvised mini-concert, delighting everyone with her lovely voice.

All too soon, the clock struck 10 PM. Cars arrived at the curb as reluctant “goodbyes” were exchanged. Everyone returned to their homes, took showers, and fell asleep from exhaustion. “It was fun” whispered down the halls.