Back in Bloom

Written by Karen Liang (Class of 2022)

Photos by Kaitlin Harness (Class of 2022) and Naomi Seng (Class of 2022)

School has officially resumed at IGDVS, with all students returning to campus and taking many precautions against Covid-19.

To start off, students gathered on the morning of the first day of school and participated in icebreakers to get to know each other. The senior class prepared exciting and heated interactive games, with laughs and cheers filling the air. During the games, students were masked and distanced from each other. To familiarize ourselves with everyone, we separated into groups and played a few games together.

“I am very happy to have in-person school,” said Hannah Cheng, a new seventh grade student. “The teachers are very kind and wholeheartedly teach us.”

Taking into account the Covid-19 virus, all students and staff are given a Binax swab test every Monday and Wednesday. Remaining masked throughout the day, students often have classes outside on the new wooden benches, enjoying the shade and lovely sunny weather at the same time.

The students were welcomed back to school with scrumptious meals provided by the hardworking kitchen staff. Bowls were packed with cheese-filled burritos, chilled potato salad, french fries, and one of the Girls School’s personal favorites, delicious fried rice.

Although the Elementary and High Schools are unable to be in contact due to the different school bubbles, the younger sisters gleefully reunited with their teachers and classmates as well.

“After constantly being tired of sitting in front of the computer, I am grateful to reunite with my friends and continue day-to-day school life together,” exclaimed Katherine Chen, a senior at DVGS.

Thankfully, the first week of school passed smoothly and the students anticipate the days ahead. A special thanks to the teachers for coming during such times and making the reopening possible!

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