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Her Dreams Matter Project

Her Dreams Matter is a campaign created and run by high school students that fundraises online through products such as T-shirts and donates 100% of proceeds to Hearthstone Village, a non-profit organization dedicated to relief work in Haiti. 

According to statistics, more than 200,000 children are not attending school in poverty-stricken Haiti. Unfortunately, Haitian children lack access to education and a nurturing environment to grow. To address these issues, Her Dreams Matter has partnered with Hearthstone Village: an all volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to education, nutrition and healthcare for communities in need. Currently, HDM helps them to support over 30 girls in Reveil Matinal Orphanage Foundation, a girl’s orphanage in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. They fund the girls’ education and living costs in the hopes of making a better and brighter future for them. 

Her Dreams Matter has established their campaign on multiple platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and even TikTok in the hope of reaching out to people of all ages. The team of 24 passionate high school students meets up every Sunday to discuss and review ongoing and future projects. For instance, during the last Christmas season, HDM conducted a Countdown to Christmas Event over the span of 12 days leading up to the 25th. Focused primarily on Instagram, they posted exciting news to brighten and give back to our lovely community. During the Countdown, they also introduced our limited time Holiday special product: the TiedWithLove Scrunchie.

Their DreamTee collection was inspired by the drawings made by the girls in Haiti. Her Dreams Matter enhanced those sketches and created unique designs that they have presented on their merchandise.

Starting from a few simple letter exchanges as pen pals between the girls at the orphanage and the Developing Virtue Girls School, Her Dreams Matter was inspired to launch this organization. Even now, they continue to share ideas and bond with our sisters through inspiring words. Due to the physical distance between our countries, HDM began FaceTiming the girls every Sunday and realized that through these simple communications, they have been motivated and encouraged to do all they can to support them. 

The evident goal is to raise money that would sustain the girls’ education and living costs, but underneath it all, they are motivated to advocate for the importance of girls’ education. The HDM team hopes to convey their sincerity of the issue as well as continue to further spread their cause. Through the process of bringing into light these stories of the young women in Haiti, they believe that people can share their compassionate hearts with the girls, because her dreams matter too.

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Featured T-shirts: Create DreamTee (top right) and Discover DreamTee (bottom right).