Back to School–with a Twist

By Megan Truong (Class of 2021)

Photography by Jin Jr Shi

Video by Sola Long (Class of 2021)

The fall semester has officially commenced at IGDVGS. With the global pandemic still affecting our lives, the school has taken several precautions in order to keep all of the students safe.

Instructions are conducted through remote learning, with the exception of a small group of students from 7th-12th grade in the dorm. These students are sheltered in place on the school campus, located within the CTTB community.

To kick off the year, the Senior Class of DVGS prepared an engaging online orientation with a multitude of activities, connecting the students on campus to those joining from other locations across the world.

Masked and distanced six-feet apart, students filmed and shared 30-second video introductions to welcome the new students at IGDVS. Following the brief introductions was a guessing game, in which students took pictures of their home-learning study spaces and had the rest of the school guess who the spaces belonged to.

During these uncertain times, getting into a new and specialized routine has been difficult. However, with hope, responsibility, and support from our teachers, we can continue to further our education.

Technical difficulties were expected, but the first week of school otherwise passed by very smoothly. A special thank you to all of those who made this possible and hopefully we’ll be able to reunite in person by the spring semester. Stay safe and healthy!

Additional photos from the first week of school: