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A Taste from Home

Author/Photography: Thuy Nguyen (Class of 2022)

Often the best gift to receive is a warm meal. On top of that, a homemade meal is definitely one of the greatest. 

On Saturday, September 14th, the Community Service Club (CSC) initiated their first project. Every year, students of the Developing Virtue Girls School take a bit of time out of their weekends to go out and deliver food to the local homeless in Ukiah. This year, members of the CSC woke up extra early to prepare a delicious vegan pasta lunch.

The grace of morning’s light filtered through the kitchen windows as the members laid out all the ingredients and materials. Then, with preparations ready, they devoted themselves into their work. Soon, the silence of the kitchen was filled with accordant sounds of chopping and dicing.

The air was enchanted by the smell of the sweet, mouth-watering tomato sauce. After the sauce was all set, the next step was to add in the vegetables and tofu, and boil the pasta noodles. With that being done, the last task was to package the dish into sixty containers. There was much concentration and mindfulness that was needed in the process. From morning to lunch, the team worked diligently and carefully.

In the afternoon, the girls set out to distribute the meal. With friendly smiles, they handed out the meals along with some juice and cookies. Expressions of gratitude were returned, and that warmed the hearts of the CSC members. Although the receivers were, in a sense, less fortunate, they seemed genuinely happy and they made the best out of what they had. It was truly inspiring and moving to the members, and it was enriching to participate in something so meaningful.

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