Core Virtues

2019 CTTB Youth Summer Camp: Building Integrity Together

June 17th – June 28th

By Peizhu Pam Qian (DVGS alumna 2016)

The strength of a nation derives from the integrity of the home.


This year, we had over 60 campers (girl’s division) from all over the country and the world, coming together to explore the theme “integrity” through a variety of activities and classes: recycling, creative writing, science, eco fashion, web design, games, planting, Buddhism, virtue study, art, etc.

Spending a sunny afternoon with friends at the playground is the best part of summer.
Let’s stretch! Dance class with Maggie Diaz (Developing Virtue Girls School alumna 2016).
Who knows the answer? Upcycling class with Ms. Zelia Law (Developing Virtue Girls School alumna 1995).
Putting together amazing handcraft projects with Ms. Zelia Law (Developing Virtue Girls School alumna 1995).
What will happen next? Rube Goldberg Science class with Molly Pearson.
Wanna try some tea? Learning about the tea culture with Dharma Master Heng Fu.
These costumes are just so cute!
What’s the next hottest career? Try out the Web Design class with Peizhu Pam Qian (Developing Virtue Girls School alumna 2016)
Think integrity is too big a word for K-2 kids? Look at how our students demonstrate their understanding of integrity through their play!
At showcase with K-2 core teacher Ms. June Bemis.
We are on air !
Giving a broadcast with the creative writing class by Ms. Kim Duong.
Tired of busy city life? Join our field trip with Kara Tan (Developing Virtue Secondary School alumna 2016)
“You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.”
Dribble, pass, shoot!
Keeping the sweetest dreams from childhood.
Plant a seed, grow a dream.
Thank you, parents, for feeding us 😛
Shout out to our wonderful counselors and organizers.
Thank you, everyone, for an extraordinary summer! See you next year!

Special thanks to

  • Dharma Master Jin Jr, Principal of Instilling Goodness and Developing Virtue Girls School
  • Dharma Master Heng Dzu, dorm mother
  • Camp Organizers:
    • Vanessa Sun (IGDVS 2017)
    • Kara Tan (IGDVS 2016)
    • Peizhu Pam Qian (IGDVS 2016)
  • Teachers:
    • Dharma Master Heng Fu
    • Dharma Master Heng Yuan
    • Dharma Master Jin Jr
    • Kim Duong
    • June Bemis
    • Zelia Law
    • Michelle Schroeder
    • Molly Pearson
    • Yurie Liu
  • Parents activities:
    • Dharma Master Heng Bing
    • Dharma Master Jin Shan
    • Dr. Raymond Yeh
    • Priscilla Yeh
  • Counselors/TAs:
    • Alice Aw, head counselor
    • Cindy Han, head counselor
    • Thuy Nguyen
    • Mindy Tieu
    • Sophie Xue
    • Karen Liang
    • Jenny Tieu
    • Leanna Duong
    • Thanh Tieu
    • Breanna Cao
    • Rachel Blythe
    • Heidi Blythe
    • Chris Ruan
    • Emily Van
    • Maggie Diaz