Spiritual Buddhist Wisdom

6 Sanskrit Words, Illustrated

By DVGS Editorial

Delightful, Manobhirāma or Ramaṇīyā

Emily Van

I chose the word “delightful” because we focus too much on negative things, and I think if I wrote a positive word, people would feel more positive energy.

Sophie Xue

I think orange represents the word “delightful,” and flowers make me think of Banyan Grove (a great retreat I went to). The whole illustration is supposed to give off a utopian feeling.

Jocelyn He

Delightful is a positive and happy word. I used a simple design because happiness should come from simplicity.

Wisdom, Prajñāpāramitā

Cindy Han

The lotus symbolizes cultivation. The stem and roots symbolize perseverance and a vigorous mind. From the midst of cultivation and perseverance comes forth light bulbs, symbolizing wisdom, great ideas, and inventions. It’s a chain reaction: more ideas connect more people, who in turn create more ideas.

Kristina Ortega

Sanskrit is an old, old language. And wisdom comes from experience, which takes many years to gain.

Equanimity, Upekṣā

Alice Aw

This word reminds me to be equal to everyone. The design of my word could be an engraving in stone.

Vigor, Vīryapāramitā

Raven Li

I put fire at the bottom and the thunder at the top. Vigor is represented in red and yellow. I guess the reason why I chose this word is that I wish I was more vigorous in the right circumstances.

Patience, Kṣāntipāramitā

Sophia Liu

Patience is a door that opens to a better life, more opportunities, and less trouble. Trees require time but bring long-term benefits, just like patience.

Generosity, Dānapāramitā

Chris Ruan

I think Sanskrit calligraphy is exquisite. Regarding the word I chose, “generosity,” I think there should be more of it in the world.

Brisa Yepez

Growing up, I was taught to be generous. Here, at this school, this was reinforced. In this drawing, I used blue, green, and yellow. There’s a shadow and a highlight on each edge of the word so that it looks 3-D. It’s as if there are lights coming in at different directions.

Vanessa Hong

Generosity is what we are practicing in our daily lives. In my drawing, I used the complementary colors, orange and blue.

Celine Huang

Being generous is very important because generosity is a part of every virtue. As for my drawing, I really like the colors of the rainbow, because they include all the elements — fire, water, earth, and air — and the colors give off good vibes.

Thanh Tieu

Be as generous as the blue sky. The limit of your generosity is the stars. Where you’re generous, you’re happy.