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Boys Division: School Song Final MV

-DVBS Archive Team-

By: Music Performance and Composition Club

Video by: Chee Hee Seng

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The previous music video has been revised and edited. Below is the final version:


  • Lead Vocals: Chee Hee Seng
  • Vocals: Alston Liu
  • Lyrics: Dharma Master Jin Yan, Mr. JH, Chee Hee Seng, San Hong Lew, Marco He, Jacky Zheng
  • Melody: Chee Hee Seng, San Hong Lew, Marco He, Nuoyan Wang
  • Video Production: Chee Hee Seng
  • Video Recording: Alston Liu, Chee Hee Seng, Bangyang Qiu, Alan Seng
  • Guitar: Nuoyan Wang
  • Musical Direction: Marco He, Nuoyan Wang
  • Musical Arrangement/Production: Nuoyan Wang

-Music Performance and Composition Club (BoyBand)

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Special thanks to Dharma Master Jin Yan and Mr. JH for inspiring us to create the song, and for supporting us in our efforts.

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DVBS Archive Team

June 3, 2019