Winners of Poetry Recitation Contest

By DVGS Editorial Staff

On Friday, October 26, 2018, in conjunction with 100th anniversary of Venerable Master Hua, the founder of Instilling Goodness and Developing Virtue School,  the school held a friendly competition that invited students of Boys division and Girls division to perform recitals of verses written by Venerable Master Hua. It was held at the historic Wonderful Words Hall where many of Venerable Master’s lectures and classes took place.

The competition followed the format of the well-known national contest  Poetry Out Loud. Participants were evaluated in five categories: physical presence, voice and articulation, dramatic appropriateness, evidence of understanding, and overall performance. Accuracy of each participant’s recital was taken into consideration as well.

In addition to recitating their eight-line verses in English per the contest criteria, most of the 17 participating students recited the verses in another language: Chinese, French, and Vietnamese.

At the start of the program, Jin Xiang Shi and Jin Jr Shi recited:

Be Sincere in Every Thought
When every thought is sincere, every thought penetrates;
In silence, responses are quietly received.
When you reach the end of the mountains and rivers,
You are free to roam throughout the Dharma Realm.  

念念真誠念念通    默默感應默默中
直至山窮水盡處    逍遙法界任西東

Brisa Yepez (class of 2019) was the honorary presenter and recited in English and Spanish the following verse:

The Kind Compassion of the Ten Thousand Buddhas
Through the kind compassion of the ten thousand Buddhas,
The Dharma wheel constantly turns,  
Adorning the Way-place and proclaiming the proper teaching
So that auspicious light dazzles heaven and earth.
Relying on universal rescue by the Triple Jewel,  
Sentient beings are eternally transformed.
Perfecting virtuous conduct and certified to Bodhi,
Which causes auspicious clouds to shade the whole cosmos.

A través de la amable compasión de los diez mil budas.
La rueda del Dharma gira constantemente.
Adornando el Lugar y proclamando la enseñanza adecuada.
Para que la luz auspiciosa deslumbre el cielo y la tierra.
Confiando en el rescate universal de la Triple Joya
Seres sensibles se transforman eternamente.
Mejorando la conducta virtuosa y certificando a Bodhi.
Que causa las nubes auspiciosas para sombrear todo el cosmos.

The original Chinese verse by Venerable Master Hua:
萬佛慈悲 法輪恆轉 莊嚴道場宣正教 瑞光耀天地
三寶普度 有情永化 圓滿德行正菩提 祥雲蔭寰宇

Below are the students who won:

7th – 9th Grade
1st place:   Sam Yap          –  “Living Beings Suffering” (Eng./Chi.)
2nd place: Amy Liu          – “Verses from the Heart Sutra”
3rd place:  Heidi Blythe  – “White Universe”

10th – 12th Grade
1st place:   Vy Nguyen“The Ten Dharma Realms Are Not Beyond a Single Thought” (Eng./Viet.)
2nd place: Sola Long“Mountain Gate at the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas” (Eng./Chi.)
3rd place: Raven Li   –  “The Dharma Realm of Buddhas / The Dharma Realm of  Bodhisattvas” (Eng./Chi.)

Our gratitude to  the three judges―Dr. Ernest Waugh, Ms. Candie Dickinson, and Dr. Yu Chen―for their time and contribution.

Winners’ Verses Recited at DVSS Poetry Recitation Contest_2018_grades7-12 (click)