IGDVBS WinterFest

by: Nuoyan Wang (Class of 2021)

Photos by: Ryan Liang (10) + Nuoyan Wang (9)

Video by: Zhidao Leeroybruce (10) + Ryan Liang (10) + Alan Seng (8) + Chee Hee Seng (11)

The winter holidays are approaching, and students are eager for Christmas and New Years.  Sadly, they will not be able to celebrate the holidays together. Consequently, the Boys School organized an early winter festival on December 9th, which also featured the Chinese Orchestra Christmas Recital.

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Preparation began on the previous Thursday with the students setting up the Confucius Hall, and continued on Friday with Chinese Orchestra set up and practice.  The 10th Grade worked late Friday night to decorate the Confucius Hall with a Christmas theme. Many of the performers took advantage of this time to rehearse with their groups. On the day of the party,  parents and students prepared delicious food for the potluck. Kevin Vo (12) prepared delicious cheesecake along with peppermint bark while Mrs. Lau cooked delicious noodles and dishes for everyone to share.

At 4:00, the Orchestra began their recital by playing Christmas songs such as Silent Night and Frosty the Snowman. This was followed by students from the 10th Grade Music Appreciation class performing their solos.

Shortly after the hour-long orchestra recital, the potluck began. Parents and teachers got their shares, followed by the students.

After everyone enjoyed their food, the evening performances began, beginning with the Boys Dance Team performing BTS: Go Go, with the crowd laughing hystericallyNext, the humorous mood continued with the 11th Grade performing their musical rendition of Disney’s Frozen, featuring Do you want to Build a Snowman? sung by Gwynn Lim (11). Finally, the lights were turned off, as Michael Zhao (12) held up his flashlight as a moody spotlight. The guitarists Alston Liu (8) and Nuoyan Wang (9) then performed their solos and duets.

The event was concluded by arts and crafts activities! Kids of all ages built grahamcrackerbread houses, made with all sorts of treats including Twix, Kitkats, Sour Patch, and more.

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Kevin Vo (12) makes cheesecakes


Principal Mr Gracia and Mr Gan give the invocation


Chinese Orchestra


Mr Barth sings Frosty the Snowman


Elementary Chinese Orchestra




11th Grade: Do you want to Build a Snowman?


Alston Liu (8) + Nuoyan Wang (9)


Arts and Crafts


Left to Right: Nuoyan Wang (9), Michael Zhao (12), Tony Yap (12), William Seng (12), Gino Ackley (10), Austin Quach (12) display their respective creations.


Merry Christmas!


January 22, 2018

Video Recap