A Trip to Closure

By Yung Tzu (Vanessa) Sun (Class of 2017)

On May 27, 2017 the senior class of Developing Virtue Girls Secondary School went on their final class trip together to Half Moon Bay. They stayed at the Montara Lighthouse hostel and enjoyed the beauty of the ocean and found inner serenity with the nature of the tides.


Then on the second day, they went to the Wildlife Sanctuary to understand the roles of animals
and humans on the earth. They learned from the animals to accept and cherish what they have and be thankful for everyone that crosses their paths.


Working together and supporting each other …


Weaving a Story**

Once upon a time, a group of girls decided to have their class trip among the California redwood forests. There are many, many animals.
And they drove through the rain forests.
And they kept driving until they saw a lake.
There is a group of cattle around the river and they saw the rainbow. Some cattle got injured.
The girls found that the cattle were shot by a hunter, and the girls knew that they had to do something to save them.
The cattle want to see the rainbow.
The girls decided to help the cattle. A group of them went to collect herbs to create medicine for the cattle. Another group of girls comforted the cattle.
They heard about a legend that says as long as they can find the other end of the rainbow, the cattle would be healed. And they did according to the legend. They made mud out of the soil and water. Then they put the mud on the injured bodies of the animals to heal them. And the miracle happened—the animals were all healed!

On the third day the senior class took a trip to San Jose and enjoyed the rush of adrenaline as they worked as a team to play Beat the Lock Escape Room. After the intense game they had a relaxing afternoon and went to watch the Pirates of the Caribbean.


Unfortunately, the last day of class trip arrived too soon. The seniors went out in the morning to enjoy the last few hours of the ocean breeze before saying goodbye. This class trip was refreshing and calming and all the seniors were able to relax both their body and mind.

**[ Note:  The above story–told at the Wildlife Sanctuary in Half Moon Bay after the screening of Teach Me to Be Wild at Developing Virtue Secondary School–came to be told under the caring guidance and support of Anne Veh, Rajesh Krishnan, John Malloy,  Steve Karlin, Beth Craig, Rish Sanghvi, Nandini, Prahallad Iyengar, Guri Mehta, Pavi Mehta, Michele Durant, and Bruce Holaday.]

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