Academics 101: Making the Most Out of SATs and More

By Ruihan (Suzanne) Zhang (Class of 2017)

“I am so nervous about the SAT test that is coming up next weekend, it will be my first time taking it!” You know what? No worries, because Developing Virtue Girls School has now set up an annual conference that introduces students to all SAT I, SAT II, ACT, and AP tests. It was on June 2, 2017 that the girls’ high school held its first conference on standardized tests. The conference began from 8:00 in the morning until 10:30 a.m. The idea of the conference occurred during the TA/Peer Tutors’ party, when people were giving out suggestions on how to make the school’s TA/Tutors’ system better. At that time, a senior offered her idea of such a conference since many of the younger students did not know much about standardized tests. The purpose of the conference was not to give students more stress about academics, but to lessen unnecessary stress from having to figure out all the details about the tests by themselves. For instance, an experienced SAT taker would know which SAT preparation book would be a good one for the younger students who have never taken the test.

The conference started with an introduction of AP and SAT tests, followed by a mini-presentation by some seniors on the colleges that they will be entering next fall. The last session was an informative session, where TAs and peer tutors provided tips and information for specific subjects at exhibition tables. Overall, the conference was a success, made possible by the support of teachers and parents and by the TAs and peer tutors who were passionate in sharing their experiences with their younger sisters.



By Sophia Liu (9th grade)

For me, the first part of the conference was very informative, especially when the differences between the SAT and the ACT were explained. This gave me an idea of which one I might prefer and also how to prepare for them.

When I visited the different AP and SAT booths, I learned a lot about the SAT subject tests and AP’s that interested me, such as SAT Biology, AP Psychology, and AP World History. The upperclassmen who provided guidance and advice at each booth were very enthusiastic about sharing their experiences and helping me find prep books for the exam. The most helpful part was that I got to listen to first-hand experiences, instead of just information on the exam format or the number of questions.

I also learned about several colleges which the seniors were attending in the fall—from Chapman University in California to Queen’s University in Canada.

The conference was very beneficial. However, it could be more interesting if there were more colleges introducedand a longer time to explore the booths.

By Yee-Kit Chan (7th grade)

This conference was packed full of extremely helpful tips and experience from the experts. ​​​Many of the things I learned that day will certainly come in handy for the tests. Additionally, the way the information was presented was quite attention-catching and easy to follow. Knowledge was combined from multiple test experts to give us the most complete and accurate tips possible to get the highest score on these tests, as well as vivid descriptions and accounts of firsthand experiences. I also liked that we were be asked about our preferences, interests, and strengths, then sent to booths accordingly.




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