Mother’s Day Fruit Sticks

By Sophia Liu (Class of 2020)

To celebrate Mother’s Day this year, the 9th graders of the girls division of Developing Virtue Secondary School made fruit sticks for the mothers of the elementary school students on Friday, May 12, 2017. To make the fruit sticks, the freshmen cut fresh fruits, including strawberries, cantaloupes, mangoes, honeydew melons, and pineapples, into large pieces and placed them on sticks. Around 70 fruit sticks were made, and the elementary school students gave the fruit sticks to their mothers as a Mother’s Day gift.  


The elementary school students and their mothers were delighted to get the fruit sticks, which were colorful and looked delicious; likewise, the freshmen were pleased that their time and efforts produced a successful result: appealing and tasty fruit sticks. QQ Hu, a freshman, commented, “It was a creative way to improve healthy eating and a good time to bond with classmates through teamwork.”


Moreover, the Mother’s Day gift was an opportunity to appreciate mothers and show gratitude to them. By making fruit sticks, the freshmen could reflect on their mothers’ hard work and sacrifices, and the elementary schoolers also practiced showing gratitude and filial piety to their mothers. “We got to deliver the love from our hearts to these special treats for all the mothers we love and appreciate,” said Mindy Tieu, who helped make the fruit sticks.

In sum, the process of making and giving the fruit sticks on Mother’s Day helped spread kindness and filial piety on the joyous and heartwarming holiday. All the students enjoyed this fun and “fruitful” experience.

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