Meet at the Carnival for Fun-/Fund-raising

By Katherine Wang (Class of 2023)

On Friday, April 28, 2017, the 4th to 6th grade class of Instilling Goodness Girls School (IGGS) organized a carnival and bake sale to raise money for an animal shelter, a cancer foundation, and homeless children. It was held right next to the elementary girls school and there was a bake sale, face painting, ring toss, a picture booth, bowling, dabbling for ducks, and even a prize table! The prize table was soon cleared; all of the prizes given away. An especially popular treat was brownies that a fifth grader made. A lot of people enjoyed it, including many IGDVS parents, so it sold out quickly! Yeekit Chan, a seventh grader who was a customer at the carnival, commented, “The best thing about the carnival was that we could eat scrumptious treats, which really brightened our day—the greatest thing was that  we could even help others in the process.” A lot of people from the elementary and high school came, and altogether, the people organizing the carnival raised about $300! It started at 3:15 PM and ended at 4:00 PM. Amy Liu, a sixth grader at IGGS, said, “At the carnival we could help the community in a fun way. The booth I was manning, Dabbling for Ducks, was quite popular with the younger kids. Many people went there several times and even though the game was very simple, they all seemed to be having a lot of fun.” Altogether, it was an exciting and fun way to raise money for good purposes!


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