Core Virtues

Compassionate Chocolate Crew

by Alexis Yap (Class of 2017)

On Saturday, February 4, 2017, four high schoolers went out to a shopping center in Ukiah to provide the community with homemade hot chocolate in the midst of the drizzling cold weather. The Compassionate Chocolate Crew, or otherwise known as “CCC”, was founded by three senior girls from Developing Virtue Secondary School and its creation was intended to spread kindness toward the Ukiah community.

Saturday was CCC’s first launch of the project and it was very successful. The people who received the drinks were taken aback, because they did not understand why the girls were giving out free drinks, but they were touched by the gesture. The people expressed their gratitude with bright smiles and it brought the girls a sense of satisfaction. It was a fulfilling experience as the girls got to promote kindness and compassion through a cup of hot drink. The girls were excited as they held up a sign saying “FREE HOT CHOCOLATE WITH LOVE” and waved it at cars passing by. There was a sense of warmth and contentment as the girls passed out cup after cup to the people passing by. It was a beautiful experience where meaningful connections were made.


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