Graduates of Developing Virtue Secondary School:

  1. Manifest the core virtues of kindness, filial piety, respect, trustworthiness, fairness, citizenship, integrity and humility.
    1. Cherish life in all its forms, are responsible stewards of the environment and exercise frugality.
    2. Are confident, well-rounded persons who interact harmoniously with others and take  responsibility for their own actions.
    3. Have developed the skills of a good citizen and explored within themselves the complementary qualities of leadership and responsible teamwork through active service to others and volunteerism.
  2. Have gained a deep appreciation of their own inherent spiritual wisdom through meditation and other spiritual practices and teachings.
    1. Have an appreciation and understanding of the fundamental teachings in Buddhist philosophy and ethics that inspire them to follow a life of integrity in accordance with their own philosophical or religious beliefs.
  3. Have explored and developed their individual academic potential and talents in the humanities, sciences or arts.
    1. Have developed an enthusiasm for the pursuit of knowledge.
    2. Are prepared for success in college.
    3. Have the ability to think and write critically and analytically.
    4. Have developed their individual creative potential in thinking, expression and problem solving.
  4. Express a multinational, global awareness and understanding; and show an appreciation and respect for a variety of cultures and religions.