Multicultural Fest

by Anna (Class of 2020) and Iris (Class of 2021)

On the 22nd of October, 2016, the Developing Virtue Girls Secondary School students set up a booth to represent the school in a Multicultural Fest in Ukiah. It was organized by the school Tree of Life. Their purpose was to enclose the circle of the different lifestyles and draw the bonds together.


The DVGS students welcomed everyone to take complimentary books that introduce the Buddhist culture and to present the practice of giving by setting up a “karma kitchen.” Karma Kitchen is a pay-forward program which plants smiles on others and brings joy to the students by distributing cups of apple juice and packs of vegan brownies. Energetic children filled the place with laughter while other performances brought down the house. Teachers, students, children, and parents, awe written on their faces, had their mind blown by the students’ extraordinary skills with the instruments; for instance, the Samba dances, Aikido movements, Jamaica music, and Chinese Orchestra were all performed by the DVGS students.

Overall, this short yet sweet event left in the students’ minds a trace of awareness of cultural diversity and its impact in the social world.

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