A Halloween Treat 2016

by Ellie Ng (Class of 2017)

This Halloween was a special one. Unlike the previous years where we celebrated Halloween with a part,  inspired by our principal, the senior class decided to explore their creativity and came up with a fun Halloween surprise for the younger girls. The plan was to make a variety of Halloween themed finger foods to be served during lunch. There was the skeleton salad assembled using different vegetables, such as baby carrots, celery, mushrooms, bell peppers and more. Another fun creation was the spider crackers made out of crackers and pretzel sticks.IMG_2318.JPG

The seniors set aside their morning and planted themselves in the dining hall, rolled up their sleeves and set to work with a game plan in mind. When lunchtime rolled around, each student, upon arrival in the dining hall was met by a popcorn hand laid out on their tables. Their faces lit up in joy when they noticed the different Halloween themed finger foods. An overwhelming sense of satisfaction overcame us when we saw the happy smiles adorning the faces of our younger sisters. The challenge for the seniors was to come up with an alternative-yet-fun way to celebrate Halloween without using sugar-loaded food.  It was worth all the  effort to turn a typical trick-or-treat tradition into a “sweet” treat for the young ones.


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