VegFest SF 2016

by Anna (Class of  2020) and Iris (Class of 2021)


A celebration was held by San Francisco Veg Society on October 8th and 9th as part of the World Veg Festival. This celebration brought a great opportunity for people who were passionate about the “health” of our Earth to gather around and share their experiences, and to raise awareness of developing a herbivorous lifestyle. There were booths set up, ranging from selling T-shirts to vegan food and drinks. Developing Virtue Girls School also joined in this joyous festival by setting up a school booth to give out complimentary books about Buddhism, vegetarianism, poetry, and meditation. Additionally, the school also helped out to start off a chain of Karma Kitchen by having a paying forward program to give out vegan brownies to let people to pay for others who came after them. This amusing activity was all about practicing the virtue of kindness and generosity. After all, if each of us could contribute a little to the environment we are living in, and to animals who are suffering and experiencing torture because of us, each one of our actions count to make this planet a better place.

Furthermore, the school’s students also paid a visit to The California Academy of Sciences located in San Francisco Golden Gate Park. The students experienced different aspects of the science world, including astronomy, marine science, and Earth’s geology. Students also got to engage in hands-on experiments, such as the shake house and the touch tank.

Ultimately, the students had not only received care and joy, in addition to being given opportunity to spread the same to others in the VegFest event, but also gained knowledge throughout the whole experience.

Categories: Events, Global Awareness