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Visit to Ukiah Food Bank

Student Reporter: Phoebe Soong & Sylvia Yap, Class of 2019

It was on a Friday, the 27th of November, during the Thanksgiving break, when some junior high and freshmen of Developing Virtue Girls School paid a visit to the Food Bank Ukiah. There, they assisted in sorting through food donations for those without home.

It was devastating for us to realize that there were so many adults who did not have a place to live or food to eat, not to mention the mothers and their young children. The students worked in different groups to do various jobs, such as checking for moldy bread, arranging canned goods and other treats, as well as restocking the food offered on the tables when they were running out. At first, the students were slightly wary of the people who came to get donations, but gradually began to initiate friendly conversations with the people in need and wished them a happy Thanksgiving as they left.

This event really opens students’ minds to all of the unfairness and suffering in life. It truly makes them to reflect on just how lucky they are compared to others. A student commented, “After this experience, I feel that I should be more appreciative of what I already have in my life, and not to keep asking for or expecting things from other people.” Another student stated, “In the future, whenever I feel unsatisfied or annoyed about not having something I want, I will do my best to eradicate any negative emotions by thinking about how wonderful my life already is. I have all my limbs, loving family and friends, a beautiful environment to live in, and many seemingly insignificant luxuries that I think I have a right to have but that I would desperately miss if I ever lost them.” The visit to the food bank was memorable.foodbank_img_1foodbank_img_2

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