Core Virtues

Gratitude to Elders of the World

Student Reporter: Phoebe Soong, Class of 2019

On November 27, 2015, the Junior High and Freshmen from Developing Virtue Girls School visited Autumn Leaves, a retirement center, which has served the senior community in Ukiah for over forty years. At the center, students perform and chat with the elders. During the event, the school song “Jing Xu Kong” and “We Are The World” by Michael Jackson were sung; followed by a Gu Zheng duet and solo Pi Pa performance. The elders were delighted and asked for an encore of the performance.

Afterwards, the students served food, drinks, and gifts to all the elders; then proceeded to mingle and talk with them. It was a wonderful experience especially for those who have never done this before. Once the meal was mostly over, the elders shared the letters they received from various students in our school. A few students who read aloud the messages for the elders discovered that it was the letter they wrote themselves! The elders had called it fate.

After this event, some students commented that they felt thankful for the chance to visit Autumn Leaves and meet the elders there. These feelings of gratitude surface easily, particularly in the light of Thanksgiving. However, the students are aware that they should always appreciate their elders, regardless of whether it is Thanksgiving or not.img_1_autumnimg_2_autumnimg_3_autumnimg_4_autumnimg_5_autumnimg_1_autumn1

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