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Student Reporter: Brandy Quach, Class of 2018

On April 3rd, 2015, girls’ division students attended the Ukiah Art Walk. As part of an initiative by Mendocino Arts Council’s Get Arts in the Schools Program (GASP), their portraiture artworks were featured at the Art Center in Ukiah.

From family members, Buddhas, classmates and themselves, the Class of 2018 selected subjects of all kinds to be depicted in their portraits. Assigned by their art teacher, Mrs. Niki Clarke, they were instructed to find a picture, use the grid method to transfer it on appropriate paper, and paint it. While some chose to follow the traditional black and white, others decided to use bright colors and intriguing textures.

Through this art project, the ninth graders were able to develop their talents and celebrate the achievements of others. Moreover, Chinese calligraphy work by students and teachers of Developing Virtue School were also highlighted in this event.


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