Global Awareness

Ukiah Children’s Fair

Student Reporter: : Maggie He & Annie Sun, Class of 2018

There are thousands of things people can do to save the earth. From recycling to planting their own plants, they are all doing a small part to make this world a greener place.

On April 18th, 2015, the class of 2018 from the girls’ division participated in the annual Ukiah Children’s Fair. They had a booth which promoted Earth Day and going green by having activities such as speed sorting trash and planting beans using cotton balls. Some brave souls even went up on stage to advertise about the earth, performing rapping using percussion instruments made from recyclable items. Many families stopped by to participate in making friendship bracelets and writing a pledge of how they would go green to save the earth.

Overall the day was a success, the children loved the different activities and learned about saving the environment in the process. Hopefully the next generation will continue to be mindful of the mother earth.


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