Manifest core virtues


Graduates of our schools:

  • Manifest the core virtues of kindness, filial piety, respect, trustworthiness, fairness, citizenship, integrity and humility. Cherish life in all its forms, are responsible stewards of the environment and exercise frugality.
  • Are confident, well-rounded persons who interact harmoniously with others and take responsibility for their own actions.
  • Have developed the skills of a good citizen and explored within themselves the complementary qualities of leadership and responsible teamwork through active service to others and volunteerism.


Moral virtues are taught not only in the classroom, but by the daily experience of seeing and working with monks, nuns, and lay people volunteering in a myriad ways all around the students. This experience is reinforced by the daily tasks performed from the students such as cleaning schools and campus, serving in and cleaning the dining halls, serving the younger children, tutoring and mentoring younger students, performing community work on campus as well as being involved in outreach programs to the greater Ukiah area, and performances for elders and children. Strong student participation in clubs also foster teamwork and relationship building skills.

Community Service Club (CSC)
Mission Statement: We volunteer with our hearts and serve with our love.
This is the club for practicing generosity and citizenship. Geared toward benefiting the community, members meet weekly to aid those in the CTTB community as well as the local Ukiah community. They conduct fundraisers, outings to senior centers, and donate food to the homeless as part of the club’s mission.

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