Express a multinational, global awareness


Graduates of our schools express a multinational, global awareness and understanding; and show an appreciation and respect for a variety of cultures and religions.


Children of the World
The club is most aptly named. It is geared toward fundraising for girls’ education in Uganda. However, the club also deals with current issues and fundraising for children in need.

Chinese Dance
A club dedicated to embracing cultural heritage and diversity through dance and movement. Students also get to practice teamwork, mindfulness, and concentration, since a well-rehearsed performance is a reflection of all members’ effort. Every week, members gather to practice in order to prepare for their annual performances at Honoring Elders Day and Cherishing Youth Day.

Model United Nations Club (MUN Club)
Model United Nations is an educational opportunity for students to learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations; in addition, they expand their global awareness while honing their skills in communication and critical thinking. Every week, students gather to discuss current events, practice public speaking, and the UN procedures. The main objective of the club is to participate in the Berkeley MUN and apply student’s newly found skills.

Mock Trial
An after-school event where students come together to learn about the legal system and participate in simulated trials. Every year, the club receives a casebook and students can choose to be attorneys, witnesses, or trained experts. In January, students from Ukiah schools partake in a district-wide tournament to vie for a spot at the State-level competition.

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