Our Visit to the Grace Hudson Museum

Written by Bayelle Blanc (4th grade) and Raiza Blanc (2nd grade), Photos by Mrs. Kravitz

The 2nd to 6th graders got the opportunity to visit the Grace Hudson Museum right before Thanksgiving break. We went there to learn about the Pomo people, Grace Hudson, and the art she made of the Pomo people. We explored the painting exhibit where there were paintings by other artists created during the pandemic. We explored the basketry exhibit where there were a lot of baskets from a long time ago and some baskets that were brought there more recently. We explored the Grace Hudson exhibit where every single painting in the room was done by Grace Hudson.

My favorite activity was the press drill. I liked it because the press drill is so fun to use. It spins as your hands go up and down, up and down. I learned that Pomo people are still here. I learned that when the docent explained that some of the baskets were recently brought there. I would recommend other people visit the Grace Hudson Museum because it’s a very interesting place filled with art, not just by Grace Hudson, but other super talented artists. One of my favorite artists was Bonnie Lockhart. She did this really interesting and gorgeous painting of the ocean. The Grace Hudson Museum also has an outside area where there are a bunch of fun plants. In a nutshell, I had a really great time at the Grace Hudson and other people should really visit. 

My favorite part of the field trip was looking for the different types of plants in the garden. My favorite art piece was the Western Tanager Necklace made of Czech and clam shell disk beads. It is so cool. I like birds, and it is pretty. The artist, Meyo Marrufo, was inspired because she wanted to learn all about Pomo people! 

Special thanks to Ms. Mark for organizing the visit, and all the parent chaperones that attended the field trip.

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