Core Virtues

IGDVS Generosity Gala

Written by Zoe Hui (Class of 2026), Ashley Dong, Celina Li (Class of 2025), and the DVGS Editorial Team
Photos by Mr. Ma (IGDVS parent), Erica Lai (Class of 2024), and Amy Liu (Class of 2023)

Under a gentle shower of bright orange and yellow foliage, IGDVS held its first ever Generosity Gala. This collaborative event invited the community to host and participate in a variety of booths to raise money for nonprofit organizations and share the joy of giving.

At 2:30 pm, the gala officially commenced amid cheers of “Feed hope, Feed love, Feed good!” which was the motto of the event. The air was filled with excitement, as the IGDVS families, DRBU students, and community members stopped by the booths to buy food and take part in the activities.

Pleasant aromas wafted from the IGDVS food booths, where homemade cheesecake, mochi, tteokbokki, and dumplings attracted large crowds. Activity booths organized by the students, including cornhole, pin the donkey’s tail, and face-painting, entertained participants of all ages and brought smiles and laughter.

A special “petting zoo” was also a popular spot, featuring the IGDVS school rabbit, as well as family dogs and chickens. In the spirit of cherishing our animal friends, there was also a booth for the local Humane Society and a “Save the Turkey” booth, where proceeds went to adopting and protecting turkeys and local shelter animals.

Cookies sweetened the air at the booth dedicated to the Building Bridges Homeless Resource Center in Ukiah, and the school Community Service Club brought cute handmade Shrinky Dink keychains and delicious waffles with a variety of toppings, with proceeds going towards the local Plowshares dining hall and the World Wide Fund for Nature.

Last but not least, vibrant student-designed T-shirts and tantalizing jasmine-flower-infused grass jelly drinks stood out invitingly at the Her Dreams Matter booth, held in collaboration with the DVGS Children of the World club.

Time flew by, and the gala came to an end. As closing words were shared, everyone wore smiles of shared joy and contentment.

Thank you to all who participated! It was your joint effort that made this event possible. Special thanks to Jin Jr Shi, Ms. Wang, and all the teachers and parents who helped put together the gala. Happy holidays! We hope that the spirit of joy and giving will continue to ripple forth.

Donations received are as follows:

IGDVS food booths: $390
IGDVS petting zoo: $56
IGDVS game booths: $173.75
The money received from the IGDVS game booths was equally distributed to each of the non-profit booths and is included in their following totals.

Humane Society: $88
Save the Turkey: $174
Building Bridges Homeless Resource Center: $137
Her Dreams Matter & Children of the World: $525.80
Community Service Club: $209