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2022 Spring Events: In Reflections

Cherishing Youth Day

On April 20th, the girls and boys divisions of Developing Virtue School collaborated to host the annual Cherishing Youth Day celebration. This year’s theme was integrity and unity, with the program’s plot line centered around the coming together of the Five Guardians of Kindness, Humility, Integrity, Fairness and Respect as they struggle through betrayal, responsibility and mending friendships.

More photos by Mr. Stan Shoptaugh:

Video by Naomi Seng (Class of 2022)

Karma Kitchen

On April 21, the Children of the World club (COTW) hosted Karma Kitchen to bring joy as the school year came to an end. Run by volunteers from COTW, the meals are cooked and served with love, offering it as a genuine gift to the school community. To stay involved in the spirit of generosity, students made contributions to pay it forward for the next community meal.

Sixth Patriarch Play

On April 22, the World Religions class performed an adaptation of the Sixth Patriarch’s Dharma Jewel Platform Sutra. The play recounted the Sixth Patriarch’s early years as a disciple of the Fifth Patriarch and highlighted his teachings in an engaging and unique way.

Plowshares Dinner

On Sunday, May 22nd, the Community Service Club provided Ukiah community members with a meal of fettuccine alfredo, baked vegetables, mushroom soup, and banana muffins, practicing generosity and compassion during such a difficult time when inflation and shortages impact communities around the world.

IGDVS Tea Party

On May 25, IGDVS came together for a tea party celebration with an Alice in Wonderland theme. After a poetry recital by the 2nd to 6th graders, students and teachers gathered to savor delectable treats such as cucumber cream cheese sandwiches, tomato bruschetta, and Eastern and Western tea.

Field Day

On May 27, IGDVS held another exciting sports day with activities such as Capture the Flag and dodgeball. The elementary and secondary school students enjoyed spending time together outdoors before the school year came to an end.

ASB Retreat

On May 27, DVGS held its annual year-end ASB retreat with a night of food and fun. Stuffed with deliciously prepared mac-and-cheese, mashed potatoes, cheesecake, palmier cookies, and refreshing drinks, the students went on a thrilling scavenger hunt in the school, bonded over drawing and guessing games, and let out their energy with lively music.

Teachers’ Banquet

On June 2, students and teachers of IGDVS came together for a picnic lunch to celebrate the year-end Teacher’s Banquet. Sitting under the trees and eating delicious food, everybody enjoyed the performances prepared in appreciation for the teachers’ hard work throughout the school year. The students were also acknowledged with awards for excellence and best effort.